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In this section you will find information about training at the Song Jiang wushu school. At Song Jiang you can learn modern and traditional Chinese martial arts, movie stunts, Chinese kickboxing and wrestling. The school fee for foreigners who don't speak Chinese, is 150 USD per week (all inclusive). To learn more about Chinese martial arts, go to wushu main.

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  • Please contact Mr. Lichen to find out if there are any other foreigners at Song Jiang right now. Also ask him if the course you want to attend is available at the moment.

Why Song Jiang: Learn Wushu in China

  • There are thousands of martial arts schools in China. When I trained here, Song Jiang was one of the biggest wushu schools in asia and had almost 5000 students. Now there are only 2000 students, but that doesn't mean that the school became smaller. They built new training halls and a huge wushu museum where movies are filmed from time to time. Song Jiang wushu school's equipment is much better now, but at the same time the school fee for Chinese students became more expensive. That's why less Chinese students can afford to study there. However, the school fee for foreigners didn't change.
  • Another reason why I would like to recommend Song Jiang wushu school is, that they don't tread foreigners like sugar. Many schools in Beijing and Shanghai will accept foreigners, but won't allow you to train with Chinese students. Others school will not allow you to try the acrobatics, because they think they will be responsible if you injure yourself. At Song Jiang you can tell them what you want to learn and they will try to teach you. For more info on what you can learn at Song Jiang wushu school, click here.

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wushu school hotel
The schools hotel

wushu training hall china
Schools biggest training hall

song jiang wushu school
Inside The School