Barbell Abdominal Rollout

Barbell Abdominal Rollout

In this lesson you will learn how to train your abs with the barbell abdominal rollout. This exercise trains the entire abdominals, the obliques and also the back muscles. You can do this exercise with a straight barbell or with an EZ-bar. Just make sure you wrists feel comfortable. Don't do this exercise if you are having back, elbow or shoulder problems. At the beginning, you can do kneeling barbell abdominal rollouts, which are a lot easier. If you are into gymnastics, try to work yourself up to fully extended barbell rollouts (see illustration). Find more abdominal exercises on our weight training main page.


  • Start from a push-up position with your hands on a barbell or an EZ-bar. Fully extend your body and start with your arms 90° to the floor. Your hands are at about 1.5 shoulder widths, and the elbows are almost extended. Keep your elbows still throughout the entire exercise.
  • Then roll forward slowly without hollowing your back. If this is the first time you try this, don't move to far in the first few repetitions. Inhale as you roll forward. Don't shrug your shoulders forward or up as you extend.
  • Then pull yourself back to the beginning position with the strength of your abdominals. Exhale and move slowly. Don't move to far. Your hands should not pass vertical level.


  • Do 15 to 25 repetitions.
  • Move as far as you can while keeping your abdominals tight.
  • Never hollow your back. It's ok if you round your back or raise your hips a little when you move back, but never let your hips hang.
  • Look down to the floor or the barbell, not forward. If you look forward you will most likely automatically hollow your back.
  • Start off with kneeling barbell abdominal rollouts and work yourself up to extended rollouts.
  • If you can't keep your lower back straight or slightly rounded, you are already moving too far or too fast.