Barbell Pullover - Chest Exercise

Barbell Pullover - Chest Exercise

In this lesson you will learn how to do Barbell Pullovers. The barbell pullover is good for an extra chest pump and partially also trains the triceps, the shoulders and the back muscles. Find more chest exercises at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Lie down on a flat bench and hold your barbell with an overhand grip. Start with the barbell straight over your head and your hands about one foot apart. Your head should be very close to the end of the bench and your feet should remain on the floor throughout the entire exercise.
  • Lower the barbell behind your head, bend your arms and inhale. Make sure your arms remain parallel and as you lower your barbell. Move slowly and concentrated and lower the weight as far as comfortable for your shoulders. The down motion should be a bit slower than the up motion (about 3 seconds). Bending the arms is not necessary, but usually makes the exercise more comfortable.
  • Then pull your barbell back up the same way and exhale slowly. The up motion should be a bit faster than the down motion (appr. 2 seconds). Stop when the barbell is over your head. Make sure you don't elevate your lower back and if your shoulders don't feel comfortable, don't lower the weight that far or avoid the barbell pullover at all.


  • You can also do barbell pullovers with extended arms. However, for most people its more comfortable if they bend the arms as they lower the weight.
  • Lower the barbell as far as comfortable for your shoulders.
  • Move slowly and concentrated.
  • This chest exercise can also be done with a dumbbell.