Chest Exercise - Butterfly


  • Sit on the butterfly machine with your back flat on the back lean. If the seat can be adjusted, adjust it so that your elbows are at shoulder height or slightly below. Some butterfly machines don't have elbow / forearm rests. Instead they only have handles. If you are using one of those, make sure your hands, your elbows and your shoulders always stay in a horizontal line or keep your elbows slightly below shoulder height. It is very important that you keep your shoulders low and close to the back lean throughout the entire exercise.
  • Push the levers together in front of your chest and exhale at the same time. Squeeze your chest muscles. Some people like to hold this position for a second (because of the isometric chest contraction which is good for definition). Don't forget that you shouldn't push your shoulders forward.
  • Slowly bring your arms back to the beginning position and inhale.


  • Move slowly and concentrated.
  • Exhale as you push the levers together and inhale when you open your arms.
  • If you don't have a butterfly machine, you can do dumbbell flies instead.