Decline Barbell Bench Press - Chest Muscles

Decline Barbell Bench Press - Chest Muscles

The decline barbell bench press is a bench press variation that trains the lower pectorals. The lower you adjust your bench, the more you work out your back muscles and your triceps. Find more chest exercises at weigh training and bodybuilding.


  • Lie down on the decline bench and grasp the barbell with your hands about 2 shoulder widths apart. If your bench is adjustable, adjust it to appr. 30 degrees. Keep your back flat on the bench. Keep your shoulders low => close to the bench. Don't elevate your shoulders as you push the barbell up.
  • Start with the bar vertical over the shoulders and your elbows fully extended. Then lower the barbell until the bar touches the bottom of your chest. Inhale at the same time and move slowly and concentrated. Don't let the weight rest on your chest. The barbell should touch your shirt, but not bounce off your chest. When viewed from the side, the elbows should be slightly below shoulder level.
  • Press the weight back up and inhale at the same time. The up motion can be a bit faster than the down motion. Don't press air as you push the barbell back up. Don't hollow your back. Don't elevate your shoulders from the bench.


  • Move slowly and concentrated.
  • A training partner can help you put the barbell back into the bench rack after the last repetitions.