Incline Barbell Bench Press - Chest Muscles


  • Grasp your barbell with your hands slightly less than 2 shoulder widths apart and adjust your back lean to approximately 30 degrees. The higher you adjust your back lean, the more you will train out your upper pectorals and your shoulder muscles. If you adjust the back lean higher than 45°, you train your shoulders more than the chest muscles. If you sit upright, you do military press instead of bench press. Keep your back flat on the bench and your shoulders close to the back lean. Don't lift your shoulders as you press your barbell up (keep your shoulders low and close to the bench).
  • Start with the barbell straight over your shoulders and your elbows fully extended. Then lower the weight until the bar touches your chest. Inhale at the same time and move slowly and concentrated. Don't let the weight rest on your chest. The barbell should touch your shirt, but not bounce off your chest. When viewed from the side, your elbows should move a little towards your hip.
  • Press the barbell back up and inhale at the same time. The up motion can be a bit faster than the down motion. Don't press air as you push the weight up. Don't hollow your back and again, don't elevate your shoulders.


  • Move slowly and concentrated.
  • A training partner can help you lift the barbell from the bench press rack and at the end back in.