One-Armed Pushups

One-Armed Pushups

The one-armed pushup is an exercise for the triceps, the chest and the shoulder muscles. Most people fail to perform one-armed pushups because of wrong technique. You should be able to to at least 20 normal push-ups before you try the one-armed pushup. Find more exercises and training methods at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • This is how one-armed pushups with the right hand are done. If you want to do one armed-pushups with the left hand, simple do the whole thing the other way around.
  • Put you right hand on the floor so that your fingers point forward or slightly in. Spread out your left leg like shown above, but keep your feet at approximately one shoulder width. The further you spread out the left leg, the easier (keep in mind that separating your feet too much is bad form). The left hand should rest on your back (see animation). Keep your back straight and your abs slightly contracted, so that your hips don't hang.
  • Move down slowly and inhale. The pushup doesn't count if the chest doesn't touch the floor.
  • Then push yourself back up and exhale.


  • To learn how to balance one-armed pushups, try to balance on your right hand and your left leg (right leg in the air, left hand behind the back).
  • Warm up and stretch your triceps and your shoulder muscles.