Reverse Barbell Curl - Forearms & Biceps

Reverse Barbell Curl - Forearms & Biceps

In this lesson you will learn how to do reverse barbell curls for the forearm muscles. The reverse barbell curl is an exercise similar to the barbell biceps curl. But when you grasp the barbell with an over-grip, you train the outer forearm muscles and not on the biceps. However, the outer biceps are still trained to some degree. Find more forearm exercises at weight training main.


  • Round your back slightly, keep your abs tight and bend your knees a little. Don't lean back when you curl up the barbell. Hold the bar with an over-grip. Hands at shoulder width. Over-Grip: That's when the fingers are on the top and the thumbs are on the bottom of the bar. Keep your elbows close to your waist. The upper arms remain vertical. Keep your elbows still.
  • Curl up the barbell until your hands are over elbow height and exhale at the same time. Don't move your legs, your back or your upper arms. Keep in mind that this is a forearm exercise and therefore should not be done with a lot of weight.
  • Then lower the barbell until your elbows are fully extended and inhale at the same time. The down motion should be a bit slower than the up motion. Don't fully extend your arms if you are lifting a heavy weight or if you have elbow problems.


  • Move your barbell slowly and concentrated.
  • Choose a weight with which you can do at least 15 repetitions.
    Recommended: 25 reps