Barbell Wrist Curl Behind the Back - Forearm Muscles

Barbell Wrist Curl Behind the Back - Forearm Muscles

In this lesson you will learn how to do wrist curls behind the back. This exercise trains the flexors of your forearm muscles and strengthens your grip. Find more forearm exercises at weight training and bodybuilding.


  • Stand upright, with your feet at shoulder width and look straight forward. The arms are extended and the legs are slightly bent. Pull your shoulders back a little. Stand behind of a flat bench or a chair, so that you have a place to deposit the barbell after the last repetition. Then grasp the barbell with and over grip. Fingers point back. The hands are about one shoulder width apart. Don't close your hands too tight. Open your grip so that the barbell hangs in your finger tips and the weight would fall on the bench if you opened your grip even more.
  • Then close your hands and roll the barbell up. Your wrists and your elbows should not move.
  • Bend your hands up until your forearm muscles are fully contracted.
  • Then bend your hands down again and open your grip, until the barbell hangs in your finger tips again.


  • Do 15 to 35 repetitions and stretch your forearm muscles between sets and exercises.
  • This exercise works best with a 10 to 30 kg barbell. Move slowly and concentrated.
  • Feel the contraction in your forearms.
  • Exhale when you curl the barbell up, inhale when you extend your fingers.
  • Stand close to in front of a bench, so that when the barbell falls, it doesn't fall on the floor.