How to Burn Fat Fast

In this lesson you will learn how you can burn your fat faster. First off, you have to know that when you sweat, you don't actually melt your fat resources away. Whenever you exercise, your muscles have to work and when your muscles work, energy is used. This energy can come from your last meal or from your fat resources. In this article I will explain how and why you can force your body to use energy from your fat resources first. You will also learn why a muscular person can burn fat much faster than a thin person. Find more information about bodybuilding, weight training and fitness at bodybuilding main.


  • Why does excess energy turn into fat?
    No matter if you eat only egg whites, only sweets or drink 10 liters of oil every day. Every excess calory can turn into fat very fast. If your body needs 2000 kCalories and you eat 3000, your body will probably store 1000 kCalories as fat. You body will basically think you are preparing for a dearth period. Now you might ask yourself why your body doesn't store the excess energy as protein (pure muscle) or sugar. The answer is that fat is the best compression of energy. 1 gram of fat has 9 kCalories while protein and carbohydrates can only store 4 kCal per gram. Your body can store 10000 kCal in only 1.1 kg. If the same energy would be stored as muscle (protein), it would weight almost 5 kg.
  • How can you tell your body to use fat resources first?
    The trick is simple: Normally, when your muscles have to work, they hark back to glycogen resources from the last meal. But when you stand up in the morning, your last meal was 8 or 10 hours ago. So there are not much gylcogen resources. If you exercise before breakfast, the only energy resource your body can use is your fat. But this effect only works for a limited time. After 20 or 30 minutes your muscles will start eating up themselves and you will suddenly feel weaker. Another problem is that you shouldn't train too hard without a meal before your workout. Keep your pulse at approximately 130 b/s which is the best to burn fat fast. If you are over 30 or have any health problems, please consult your doctor before you start running before breakfast.
  • Why a muscular person burns fat faster?
    To simplify this, imagine you were a car. Your muscles are the motor and your fat resources are the fuel. If you were huge, made of pure muscle, you were a Ferrari with a powerful engine, the fuel (your fat) would be used up in just a few minutes. If you were a very thin marathon runner, you were a moped with a tiny motor that can run for a week with the same amount of fuel. That's why bodybuilders can burn all their fat so fast (in only a few weeks). Of course there are also drugs to increase body temperature and burn fat faster. But that's another story - A bad story.


  • Cardio in the morning burns fat faster. (exercise up to 30 minutes before breakfast) Consult your doctor before you start working out in the morning. Especially if you are way overweight or have heart problems.
  • The bigger your muscles are, the faster you will burn your fat.
  • No matter how much you exercise, if you eat a lot more than your body needs, you will become fatter.
  • Keep your fingers from fat burning drugs.