Barbell Lunge - Leg Muscles

Barbell Lunge - Leg Muscles

In this lesson you will learn how to do barbell lunges. The barbell lunge is one of my favorite exercises for the quadriceps and the gluteus. Barbell Lunges can be done one-sided (only training one leg at time) or alternated (alternating left and right leg). In this lesson you will learn how to to one-sided lunges. Another variation would be the barbell lunge walking forward, which trains the front leg even better. But since barbells are kinda wide, I prefer doing walking lunges with two two dumbbells. Find more exercises for the leg muscles at weight training main.


  • Stand upright with the barbell on your rear delts, your upper body upright and your legs straight. Looking straight forward. I usually do my barbell lunges in front of a mirror, because this way it's easier to keep my back straight.
  • Step forward with one leg and don't lift the foot too far from the floor. Keep in mind that your upper body should remain straight and upright.
  • Lower your hips until the knee of your back leg touches the floor and inhale at the same time. You can put something soft on the floor to protect the knee. For example a yoga mat, a pillow or a piece of foam. The knee should to touch the floor, but you shouldn't rest on your knee.
  • Then stand back up and close your legs. Exhale as you stand up. The front leg should carry most of the weight. Don't lean back or forward as you stand up.
  • Now step forward again and do another repetition. I recommend one-sided barbell lunges.


  • To improve your wushu horse and bow-stance endurance, do barbell lunges with little weight (20 to 30 repetitions).
  • Instead of one-sided barbell lunges, you can also do walking dumbbell lunges.
  • Move slowly and concentrated.
  • I recommend you do your barbell lunges in front of a mirror and lift the barbell from a squat rack.