The Human Skeleton

The Human Skeleton

In this lesson you will learn the names of the most important bones of the human skeleton. The human body consists of hundreds of bones and for an athlete it's not necessary to know all of them. But if you are learning from FM's online instructions you should know some of them, because many lessons here are easier to understand if you know about the anatomy of the human body. Click here for information about the skeletal muscle system.


  • Maxilla - The bone of the upper jaw.
  • Mandible - The bone of the lower jaw.
  • Clavicle - Bone linking the scapula and sternum. Also called collar bone.
  • Humerus - Upper arm bone. The bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow.
  • Radius - When your arms hang down relaxed and the thumbs point away from the body, the outer and shorter forearm bone.
  • Ulna - When your arms hang down and the thumbs point out, the inner and stronger bone of the forearm.
  • Sternum - The flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the 1st seven rib pairs.
    Also called breast bone.
  • Ribs - The bones extending from the spine to or toward the sternum. Also called Costas.
  • Pelvis - Bone connecting the spine and the legs. Also: Hip bone.
  • Femur - Upper leg / Thigh bone - The biggest bone in the human body.
  • Patella - The small triangular bone protecting the knee joint.
    Also called knee cap and knee pan.
  • Tibia - the stronger bone of the lower leg - Connects knee with the ankle.
    Also shin or shin bone.
  • Fibula - The thinner and weaker bone of the lower leg. Also: Calf bone.
  • Skull - Head.
  • Spine - Bones between head and hips.
  • Scapula - Shoulder blade / Shoulder bone. Flat triangular bone on the side of the shoulder.
  • Calcaneus - Heel bone.


  • If you know the names of the bones mentioned here,
    it will be easier to understand some of the instructions on this website.
  • The human skeleton with its muscles is called "Musco-Skeletal System".
    (Muscles and bones allow us to move around)