Bent-Over Cable Triceps Extension

Bent-Over Cable Triceps Extension

In this lesson you will learn how to do bent-over cable triceps extensions with a rope attachment. Of course you can also use a straight bar or an angled triceps bar. Do this exercise on a high or middle pulley machine. The higher the pulley the more intensive the end of each repetition. The lower the pulley, the more intensive the first 90° of each repetition. Find more triceps exercises at weight training main.


  • Stand with one leg in front of the other and grasp the rope attachment behind your head. Thumbs point back, palms face each other. Bend forward, round your back and contract your abdominals a little. This keeps your spine in a healthy and stable position (especially when you lift heavy weights). Keep your arms close to your head and your elbows close to your eyes. The upper arms stick to the head during the entire exercise.
    Resons why you should not raise your head:
    • You don't want the cable to scratch your scalp.
    • This way it's easier to position the elbows.
    • People who raise their head also tend to arch their back. When you hollow your back it's hard to contract the abs which are supposed to protect the spine.
  • Extend your arms and exhale slowly. The upper arms don't move at all. The elbows stay close together. If you are doing this triceps exercise with a rope attachment, you can twist your hands at the end, so that your thumbs point towards each other. This way you work all 3 heads of your triceps. However, moving the hands in a hammer motion is ok too.
  • Then bend your arms again and go back to the beginning position. Make sure you keep your upper arms and your elbows parallel and still during the entire exercise. The back-motion should be slower than the forward-motion. Inhale as you bend your arms. Stop shortly before your triceps lose contraction. Your forearms should never rest on the biceps.


  • Warm up your elbows and stretch your triceps between sets and exercises.
  • When you extend your arms, move forward a little - see animation.
  • If you did the first set with the right leg in front, do the second set with the left leg in front.
  • The more weight you load, the more important it is to keep the abdominals tight.
  • If you don't have a pulley machine, you can also do this triceps exercise with an elastic band.