Short Wushu Exercises

Here you can find typical wushu exercises like wushu arm circles or chuan zhang. Because it would be too much work to animate these exercises, I am publishing them as videos . For basic wushu skills, please go back to wushu main.


  • Wushu Arm Circle
    Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and extend your arms sideways. Arms and shoulders stay in one line during the whole exercise. Lower your right arm in front of your stomach and lift your left arm at the same time. Both elbows are fully extended. Relax your ankles, so that your torso can turn with the movement. Turn your torso 90 degrees to your left, lift your right arm straight forward and your left arm falls back down. Keep moving until your right hand points straight up and your left arm down. That's when you turn back to the beginning position and spread your arms to your sides again. => First half done. In the second half, the left arm passes in front of your stomach and the right arm moves back.

  • Wushu Flat Stance Form - Chuan Zhang
    See Video Clip

  • Wushu 5-Stances Form - Wu Bu Quan
    See video clip


  • Learn these exercises in the order they are listed.