Learn how to Breakdance Online


From now on, the capoeira section and the breakdance section will be separated. Both characters (the capoeira mavi and the break mavi) are getting a new design and all the elder lessons will be redesigned. Please check back for updates. Breakdancing (breaking, b-boying or b-girling) originated among african americans somewhere in the bronx of New York. Capoeira was originally only ment to be a martial art. Brazilian slaves pretended to practice dancing techniques, when they were actually working on fighting skills. Many capoeira techniques are also seen in breakdancing. Tricking involves acrobatic moves from gymnastics, martial arts and dancing

Downrock: Breakdance (Low Steps)

  • 6-STEP

Power Moves: Breakdance (Difficult moves and acrobatics)

Trainer advice: Learn the Side Flip

  • Learn Gymnastics and Capoeira

Videos: Breakdance

  • None