Bienvenidos a Flash Mavi

Hello everybody and thanx for stopping by!
We are currently focusing on our live action videos, but there will also be more animations.

Flash Mavi is an animated character of myself and I came up with the idea when I couldn't train for a while because of an injury. Mavi was actually my bicycle messenger nickname and it kinda stuck. Flash stands for quick/flashy ways to teach stuff. What you can find here? Everything I have practiced or tried myself. The important key points of skills I think you should know and I want to remember.

As a kid was fascinated by a veriety of martial arts, and as a teenager I fell in love with Wushu. So much in fact that I secretly studied chinese, dropped out of engineering school and instead attended a wushu accademy in Shan Dong China for 4 years. Later I got into gymnastics, and there was always weight training / bodybuilding following me like a shadow. I also did some Sanda, Shuai Jiao, and a little bit of Muay Thai, but im NOT a fighter. So who is this site for? That wushu guy or girl, who wants to jump around in the air but also wants to be fit. We try to give you THAT in short, flashy instruction without much talk.