Wushu - Chinese Martial Arts

Wushu is a synonym for martial arts (wu = 武 = martial + shu = 术 = arts) and covers all Chinese martial arts styles, such as Taolu (forms), Sanda (chinese kickboxing), Shuai jiao (chinese wrestling) and traditional animal and weapon styles. Learn the basics, wushu jumps, kicks, beginner forms, weapons and traditional styles. If you are interested in modern, competitive wushu, I recommend you also learn the basics artistic gymnastics.




  • In China, everybody starts with Longfist (chang quan). The basic jumps and kicks are the very first things to be learned. Then the 5 Stances form and a form called Gui Ding Quan. And then the big decision; Do you want to learn Staff and Broadsword or Spear and Straightsword? It usally takes years until students are allowed to learn traditional hand styles and weapons. Even if you are not young enough to start with the acrobatic jumps used in modern wushu, you should practice the basics and know how the jumps work.
  • Build up flexibility first. The stretchkicks have to be practiced at least 4 times per week.
  • Artistic gymnastics can be very helpful for everybody who is interested in modern wushu.