Massage and Relaxation

Massage and Relaxation Techniques

In this section you will find massage and relaxation techniques you can apply in order to release muscle tension. You can do them after a heave workout or when you are sore. Regular massage can prevent overuse-injuries, for example stresses on the joints or inflammations. The higher you performance level, the more important rest and relaxation become.

Advice: Massage and Relaxation

  • Don't apply a massages or consult your doctor first, if:
    • Recently suffered an acute trauma: sprained ligament, contusions, muscle tears etc.
    • You are sick or feel bad. For example fever
    • Your skin is injured: Burned, inflamed, infected or wounded
    • You have cancer or diabetes.
  • Long massage strokes are always directed towards the heart. This increases venous and lymphatic flow. Pressing the blood against closed valves can damage blood vessels.