Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic Stretching

Learn how to apply a ballistic stretch. Ballistic stretching is the most intensive form of dynamic stretching - motion is involved. You basically play with the elasticity of the muscle and stretch beyond your limits. Ballistic stretches are usually applied for sport-specific stretched. For example the ballistic crouched wushu stretch for the wushu front stretchkick. You can turn almost any stretching exercise into a ballistic stretch. Find more stretching instructions and exercises at stretching main.


  • In this example: Ballistic Crouched Wushu Stretchkick Stretch
  • Grasp the ball of your foot with both hands and look down to the tip of your shoe. Keep your back straight and extend your left knee. Make sure your knees stick together. The beginning is a static passive stretch. For more information on this position go to: Stretching -> Crouched Wushu Stretch.
  • Then pull yourself towards the tip of your shoe and keep the left knee completely straight. Your leg muscles act like a rubber band. You pull yourself forward and then bounce back when you reach the limit of your flexibility. Don't pull too hard at the beginning. The goal of this specific stretch is to touch the tip of your toe with your chin. Note: Ballistic stretches are often over-done. Keep in mind that if you pull to hard you can injure yourself.
  • Then bounce back and repeat without bending your knee. Go back to back to the static passive stretch position and then move forward again.
  • While in normal dynamic stretches you should move with the speed of your breath, when you do a ballistic stretch, you can move a lot faster.
  • Do 20 to 40 repetition, rest, apply a static stretch and then repeat.


  • Always warm up and do a couple of static and normal dynamic stretches before you apply a ballistic stretch.
  • When you do a ballistic stretch, you usually pull yourself towards something, or, like in this example, pull yourself towards your foot. Another option would be creating momentum. For example when you swing your leg straight up -> Requires more sensitiveness. Doing ballistic stretches with you training partner is no good idea, because he can't know how far he can push you.
  • Ballistic stretches should not be applied by beginners.
  • Don't start your stretching workout with a ballistic stretch.
  • Don't apply ballistic stretches every day.
  • Stop immediately if you feel sharp pain in a joint or the stretched muscle.
  • Ballistic stretches are usually used to improve flexibility for a specific technique. The ballistic crouched wushu stretch from this instruction for example is an exercises for the wushu front stretchkick.
  • Some people apply ballistic stretches at the end of a PNF stretch. Personally I think that's too much. I don't even do ballistic stretches and PNF on the same day.