Axe Kick - Tae Kwon Do

Axe Kick - Tae Kwon Do

The axe kick is a typical tae kwon do kick often seen in competitions. Because of the big strike out, it's very easy to counter attack an axe kick. That's why a lot of timing and speed is necessary for a sucessful application. In korean there are 3 differend terms for the tae kwon do axe kick: "Naeryo Chaki", "Naeryo Chikki" and "Ahp Cha Oliki" Find more tae kwon do tutorials at tae kwon do main.

Description: Axe Kick - Tae Kwon Do

  • Stand in a fighting stance with your left leg forward. Look straight forward during the whole technique and don't crouch your back at all. Of course you can also do the axe kick the other way around. This kick requires a lot of timing, flexibility and speed. You can make a hop forward or backwards to adjust the distance to your opponent. You can also lift the kicking leg with the knee bent, if the opponent is too close. Another variation is to kick in a circular motion (half moon axe kicks). In this lesson you will learn the most basic variation of the axe kick:
    The straight axe kick without hop and both knees totally extended.
  • Start kicking your right leg and twist 90° on the ball of your left foot (counter clockwise).
    The heel of the standing foot is elevated a little bit, but if you elevate the heel too far, the kick becomes unstable, which makes it easier for your opponent to counter attack you. To adjust the distance to your opponent you can also make a hop forward or backwards (practice all 3 variations).
  • Kick up your right foot to head level. When you first learn the axe kick, keep both knees totally extended. If your opponent is too close, you can lift the kicking leg with the knee bent. But the down motion always has to be with the knee totally extended.
    DON'Ts When you kick up
    • 1) Don't elevate your left heel too much.
    • 2) Don't bend your left knee.
    • 3) Don't look down or up. (look straight forward)
    • 4) Don't crouch your back forward or lean back.
      The upper body should stay vertical.

      Kicking up with a bent knee often leads to the mistakes listed above. That's why you should learn the axe kick with both knees totally extended first.
  • Snap down your right leg with the knee totally extended and hit your opponent with the bottom of the foot or the heel. At the same time push your hips slightly forward to bring the kicking foot closer to your opponent and get your head out of the reach of your opponent.
  • Finally go back to your fighting stance. Now you stand the other way around.

Trainer advice: Axe Kick - Tae Kwon Do

  • Practice all axe kick variations. With hop and without hop. Lifting the kicking leg with the knee bent and extended. And half moon axe kick variations.
  • Warm up and stretch your splits before you practice axe kicks.

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