How to get a Six-Pack

This is a guide on how to get a six pack. First off, you have to know that nutrition and cardio are just as important as abdominal exercises. A visible six pack is the perfect mixture of big or nicely shaped abdominal-muscles and a low body fat percentage. Even if you have huge abdominals, nobody will be able to see your six-pack if there is too much fat on your stomach. And if your muscles are very flat you will have to burn even more fat until the fibrous bands between your packs will become visible. A person with 12 percent body fat can have a nice, visible six pack if his abdominal muscles are big enough, but the same person would probably just look fat if he had very flat, thin abs. Obviously most women don't want a big, muscular waist. However, keep in mind that the more abdominal muscle mass you have, the less belly fat you will have to burn to make your six-pack visible.


  • The right exercises, sets and repetitions for abdominal muscle mass
    (how to get a six pack with the right exercises)
    • Don't do more the 6 sets per workout or 20 sets per week. Overtaining is one of the most common barriers to a visible six-pack. Especially when you like to work your abs at the end of your workout, you should not go over the top.
    • Choose exercises that give you a good burn after 35 repetition. If you choose an abdominal-exercise where you can do 300 repetitions, you just waste your time. High repetition training leads to smaller muscles with more endurance. Do very slow concentrated repetitions, so that you cannot do more then 35 reps
    • Incline Sit-Up, Crunch and Leg Raise are the best abdominal exercises.
  • Cardio training (how to get a six pack with cardio)
    • Cardio => Running, Spinning, Swimming etc. When you do cardio, it's not necessary to sweat a gallon in 15 minutes. The sweat is just a side effect and doesn't mean that your fat is actually melting away. If your fat would melt away when you run, you would sweat oil instead of water. Your body will use your fat resources when it needs it, and if you supply yourself with more and more calories, you will just become fatter and fatter. No matter how much you run or sweat. The bigger you are the faster you can burn fat. Imagine all your fat resources as a gallon of fuel and your muscles as a motor. So if the goal would be to burn this gallon as fast as possible, a huge car with a powerful motor would do this faster.
  • The right nutrition (how to get a six pack with the right food)
    • It's very important that you support your muscles with enough protein an little fat.
      But you have to know that every single kCalory you eat can turn into fat. The human body saves excess energy as fat, because fat is the best compression of energy - 9 kcal per gram. So if you body requires 2000 calories today, and you eat 3000, your body will think that it has to store the excess 1000 kcal for the winter or difficult times (: Learn more about nutrition at nutrition main.


  • With cardio in the morning you burn fat faster. Exercise up to 30 minutes before breakfast. Read this article on how to burn fat faster.
  • Keep in mind that just like any muscle, your abdominals can easily be overtrained.