High Intensity Training Routines

In this section you will find a few HIT training routines. Before you get started, make sure you understand how high intensity training works. While some people believe that HIT is the ultimate bodybuilding training form that works for everybody, others think that it depends on your genetics whether high intensive training is the right thing for you. I'd say give it a try and if see how your body reacts. Most HIT routines emphasize on free weight exercises with barbells and dumbbells. Reaching the point of momentary muscle failure is essential. Workouts are short, but extremely intensive. Find more bodybuilding training methods and exercises at weight training main.


  • According to HIT, over-training and peoples eager to get big as fast as possible are the biggest obstacles in bodybuilding. You have to wait until you are fully recovered before you work out again. If you are still sore from your last workout, it is definitely too early for your next training session.
  • By reaching muscle failure, you are telling your muscles that they are not strong and big enough. If you repeat this signal 10 or 15 times in every training session, you will just over-train.