Side Stretchkick - Wushu

Side Stretchkick - Wushu

The side stretchkick "Ce Ti" is the second basic wushu kick and should be practiced in every single training session. The kick itself is straight, like the wushu front stretchkick, but your body is turned sideways and the foot moves towards your ear and not your forehead. Arm and head movements give the side stretchkick an additional flash. Find more wushu lessons at wushu main.


  • Stand upright, legs closed, looking to your left. ( This means you are going to kick with the left leg. Left side = forward. Your left arm points to your left (palm up), and your right arm points to your right (palm up). Your left finger tips are at shoulder height and your right wrist is a bit over shoulder height. So your left arm is slightly below horizontal level and you right arm is over horizontal level.
  • Step forward with your right foot, but keep your arms aligned with your walking direction. (Right foot passes in FRONT of the left foot)
  • After this step, kick your left leg up towards your forehead. Don't Turn your hip OR bend your torso OR kick higher than your head.
  • When you foot reaches the highest point of the kick, align your right atm vertically (Palm up, finger tips point forward your kicking foot. Turn your head 90 degrees clockwise, so that you actually kick towards your left ear and not to your forehead.
  • Move your left palm with the finger tips pointing up to your right shoulder (elbow in front of your abs). Maintain this posture for less than a millisecond.
  • Then let your kicking leg snap back down.
  • At the same time, bring back your arms and your head back to the beginning position.
  • Step further forward with your left leg.
  • Start off at point 2 and do another kick.
  • For the right wushu side stretchkick, do the same thing the other way around.


  • Exercise for the wushu side stretchkick: Lift up your leg sideways and lean against a wall. Make sure your toes are not higher than your head. Grasp your foot with both hands and try to keep your torso straight. Stretch your side stretchkick.
  • Stand in front of a wall and hold onto something in front of you with both hands (chest height). Swing your leg up sideways and do 10 to 20 side stretchkicks like if you were doing ballistic stretches. Make sure your hip remains parallel to the wall. Don't elevate your hip as you kick.