5 Tibetans - Yoga Rejuventation Exercise

5 Tibetans - Yoga Rejuventation Exercise

The "5 Tibetans" is one of the most popular and basic yoga exercises. This traditional yoga rite represents a great way for a quick physical or spiritual workout. You can easily do the 5 Tibetans in your office, a hotel room or even in your bathroom. All you need is a few minutes time, and enough space to swing your arms around or to do a push up. The 5 Tibetans can also be used as a warmup for other yoga exercises, but of course this yoga exercise should not replace an entire warmup for something like modern wushu or artistic gymnastics.


  • Exercise 1 of the 5 Tibetans Yoga Routine.
    Having fun like a 3 year old child.
    Stand upright and extend your arms at shoulder level. Hands apart as far as possible. Turn around 21 times making small steps on the spot. Everything up the hips stays stiff. (only the legs move) At the end you should feel a bit dizzy.

  • Exercise 2 of the 5 Tibetans Yoga Routine.
    Tummy Tucks.
    Lay down on your back (lower back) and put your arms on the ground. Press down your arms and hands. Lift your straightened legs and pull in your toes while you move your upper back and your head forward up. This should stretch your legs and contract your abs at the same time. Breathe in when you raise your legs and your head.

  • Exercise 3 of the 5 Tibetans Yoga Routine.
    Morning Neck Warmup.
    Kneel down with your legs closed, let your arms hang (palms on the sides of your thighs) thighs and torso vertical. Then move your head down, so that the back of your neck muscles get stretched. Move your head back again and press forward your hips, while your head goes further back and your hands press into your hips from behind. This exercise should stretch out your neck and your abdominals. Inhale every time you move back.

  • Exercise 4 of the 5 Tibetans Yoga Routine.
    Yoga Table Posture.
    Sit on the floor and have your legs about one foot apart. Back straight, and hands on the floor (fingers point forward) First let your head go forward down, so that your neck gets stretched. Then Push up your hips until your torso is horizontal. This exercise stretches back, abs and thighs and is good for leg and shoulder strength. Inhale every time you move up.

  • Exercise 5 of the 5 Tibetans Yoga Routine.
    Cobra to Downward Dog.
    Go to a push up position but put your hands closer to your legs, so that your hips raise. Keep your legs straight and try to keep your heels on the floor (calf stretch). Your arms should be in one line with your torso and your elbows should be close to your ears. Go down to a push up position with bent arms an bent knees, so that your chest and triceps get a little workout. Push yourself forward and bend your back, so that your abdominals and shoulders get stretched out. This exercise is good for abdominal and upper body strength/flexibility. Breathe in, every time you go into the downward dog position.


  • Do 20 to 30 repetitions per movement.
  • Repeat exercise 1 to 5 times
  • Rest, lie down and relax a minute after every set.


  • The 5 tibetan exercise is a good alternative for people who don't have a lot of time to work out or go to a gym.
  • Some people leave out exercise one "Having fun like a 3 year old child". Keep in mind that the point of this routine is to get a little workout and stay fit. So if you feel awkward spinning around like a child, go ahead and swap this exercise.


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