Mavi & Vero

We appear in our videos, but we also plan, film and edit them ourselves. Sure, we are not the only ones to do “That”, but where it becomes tricky is when you are obsessed with creating them like movies, but don't have a team or any money.

Every video is a little adventure. We make them all different, shoot at different locations and time is our only enemy. What drives us is our passion for film and our small but loyal audience. Thank you for watching our videos and thank you for commenting from time to time so we know you are real, live people.

We publish our videos on youtube, but we don't make videos “FOR” youtube. We don't make a video every day, but we work on our videos every day.

It's our dream to do this full-time, or maybe even hire some help so we can speed things up. However, that part is going to be just as tricky as making movies alone without any money. And that's what our patreon is for. By supporting us, you help us shave a few hours off of our day jobs so we can finish the next video sooner. Patrons also get rewards like: Early access, ad-free content, behind the scenes and more.

Flash Mavi

Don't worry. The animations are still around!
Flash Mavi is an animated character of myself (MA = Martin + VI = Vidic) teaching wushu, gymnastis and fitness.

When I was a kid, I was interested in 2 things; Martial arts and anything visual. When teachers would flick though my books, they would see little Bruce Lee's and Sub Zeros kicking each other through walls and ripping each others heads off. As I got older I got more interested in martial arts and a few years later I found a way visit a wushu (kung fu) school in China. I trained there for 4 years and I loved every minute of it. Back home I started making animations again and that's how Flash Mavi came to be.

Over the years I often got asked: WHY JUST ANIMATIONS
The answer is because 1) I love animations and 2) If I was going to make real action videos, the visual aspect was going to be very imporant. I was going to use every opportunity to learn about film making. And that's what I'm doing now with Veronica. There will be more animations again, but the video are our priority right now.


Every project is an opportunity to learn something new and an opportunity for a little adventure. Our own videos are fun and help us grow, but they are extremely time consuming and not main-stream enough to pay for themselves. We make our living doing other audio-viusal work.