Our Mission

Did you ever feel like hitting the gym while watching "300" or learning Kung Fu while watching "Drunken Master"? We try to combine a motivational movie experience into workout videos. You will find 3 types of videos here.

1. Follow Along
2. Action Tutorials
3. Short Films


Obsessed with fitness and martial arts from playing too much Mortal Kombat, I dropped out of engineering school to pursue my dream of being tortured in China. For 4 years I studied Wushu in Shan Dong and I loved every minute of it. I started weight training when I was 12 and also did some gymnastics later one. However, my goal was never to compete. I was more interested in entertainment and ejoying every single workout. So I did stunts in a few low budget projects, but soon knew I wanted more creative control. When I met Veronica, she had a lot of the same interests, but more talent for acting. Together we starterd learning about filmmaking and launched this second channel.

We appear in all our videos, but we also plan, shoot and edit them ourselves. The only problem is that every video takes us weeks or even months to create and it's just the two of us doing this in the mornings, evenings and weekends. If you would like to see more from us, please make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel.

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Flash Mavi

Don't worry. The animations are still around!
Flash Mavi is an animated character teaching wushu, gymnastics and weight training.


Every project is an opportunity to learn something new. Our own videos are fun and help us grow, but they are extremely time consuming and not main-stream enough to pay for themselves. We make our living doing other audio-viusal work.