Sides of the Knee - Circular Friction Massage

Knee - Circular Friction Massage

In this lesson you will learn how to apply a circular friction massage for the sides of the knees. This technique is often used to reduce swelling around and below the knee cap. Find more massage and relaxation techniques at massage & relaxation main. Find information about injuries at injuries main.

Description: Knee - Circular Friction Massage

  • The person who gets massaged lies down and fully extends and relaxes his leg. Start with one hand on one side of the knee and put the other hand on the other side.
    The thumbs are crossed over the knee cap. The palms point to the knee, the fingers are closed and the hands are slightly flexed.
  • Then start massaging the sides of the knee in circular motions. Apply a little more pressure when you move your hands forward and release pressure when you move back. The movement comes from the entire arm and not just from the finger tips. Keep your hands pretty stiff. Start below the knee cap, work down to the sides of the knee and then up to the lower quadriceps. Then go back to the beginning position and start over.

Advice: Knee - Circular Friction Massage

  • Use a few drops of massage oil.
  • This is a very good massage technique to be applied after wushu jumps or plyometric leg exercises.
  • If you want to use this massage technique to treat an injury or chronic swelling, and not just as a relaxation massage after a heavy workout, I recommend you consult a sports injury specialist before you apply it.