Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic Stretching

A dynamic stretch is a stretch where motion is involved. The end position is not held. Ballistic stretching is a form of dynamic stretching that uses even more effort to force the muscle beyond it's limits (more intensive & more likely to lead to an injury). A dynamic stretch is not necessarily a kick like shown here. Walking flat stances or lunges also stretch your muscles dynamically. Exercises like the one shown above can also be ballistic stretches. Find exercises and more information about stretching at stretching main.


  • Make your dynamic stretches sport-specific. Try to do dynamic stretched in a similar for to what a technique in your sport is executed. Let's take the example of a dynamic stretch for the wushu front-stretchkick. The animation above is not the best example. Instead of swinging your leg, put your leg on a ladder wall.
  • Then put your hands on your stretched leg or your foot and keep your back straight. Start with a static stretch and hold the beginning position for about 10 seconds before you go dynamic.
  • Move forward slowly and exhale at the same time. Don't move too fast or bounce, because that would be a dynamic ballistic stretch. This lesson is only about normal dynamic stretches. I recommend you don't use your hands at all. Just move forward by bending your upper body at the hips.
  • Move back to the beginning position and inhale. Forward motion = back motion = approximately 3 seconds.
  • Do 10 to 20 repetitions and then rest.


  • Ballistic stretching is a more intensive form of dynamic stretching. You work with the elasticity of your muscles/tendons. All the wushu stretchkicks are ballistic stretches. Before you apply a ballistic stretch, you should always warm up and do a couple od static stretches and dynamic stretches.
  • Sports where ballistic stretches are effective: Ballet, martial arts, wushu, TKD, weightlifting etc. You can do normal dynamic stretches in pretty much every sport.
  • Normal dynamic stretches are good before competitions and if applied correctly, reduce muscle tightness.