Thera-Band Exercises

Thera-Band Exercises

In this section you will find thera-band exercises for all muscle groups. There are different bands. Bands with handles, bands without handles, loop bands etc. Bands with handles are usually tighter and therefore more capable for strength development and plyometric exercises. Thin (drapery like) bands without handles are usually better for fitness and rehabilitation exercises. However, there are also very tight thera-bands without handles, and if you put 2 bands together, you get enough resistance for heavy exercises. For more information and bands, tightness & colors, visit Find medicine ball exercises, plyometric & isometric exercises at track & field main. For information about weight training, click here.

Trainer advice: Thera-Band Exercises

  • Warm up.
  • Stretch before and after every exercise.
  • Breathe properly during each exercise.
  • Don't do exercises that cause joint pain.
  • Before you get started, examine your thera-band for tears or punctures. You don't want the band to break and snap.
  • You can either buy an elastic band from "Thera-Band" or use thick rubber bands to make your own bands.
  • Thera-band exercises are done in track & field sports, in addition do free weight training and machines, fitness & weight loss or for rehabilitation after an injury.

Videos: Thera-Band Exercises

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