Wushu Cartwheel without Hands off a Springboard

Wushu Cartwheel without Hands off a Springboard

In this lesson you will learn how to do a wushu cartwheel without hands off a REUTHER-Springboard. This exercise will help you improve your take-off technique, and in addition makes you wushu aerial higher, so that you have more time to work on the technique when you are in the air. Before you get started, check out the "Wushu Cartwheel without Hands Tutorial". Find more wushu skills at wushu main and gymnastics techniques at gymnastics main.


  • Run towards your springboard and hop from the right leg. The right leg is planted in front of the springboard and the left leg aims for the bouncy area of the board. For the right technique of the wushu cartwheel without hands, check out the associated tutorial.
    Summary: 1. Swing your arms forward.
    • Keep your abs tight.
    • Lean forward and look forward.
    • Pull your left toes up and push them down when you plant your foot.
  • Plant your left foot on the springboard and kick your right leg up as soon as the left leg touches the board. Bounce off immediately. Don't stop - Don't sit back - Don't bend your knees too much. Jump off dynamically.
  • Open your arms sideways and extend your knees and your elbows when you are in the air. Land on a soft landing mat or on foam. You can also practice this in sand or jump from a bump instead of a springboard. However, jumping from a springboard is better, because it's easier to get the right distance between the left to the right leg, which is planted off the board. Look to the springboard when you land.


  • Always warm up and stretch before you get start working on your wushu/gymnastics jumps.
  • Use a hard springboard. I recommend a wooden springboard. However, if you don't have a springboard and landing mats, you can also jump from a bump into sand.
  • Don't plant both legs on the springboard. It's important to keep enough distance between your legs. One leg is planted in front of the board and the other one planted on the springboard.
  • Warm up with a couple of left-handed gymnastics cartwheels. This helps straightening your cartwheels.
  • Read the "Wushu Cartwheel without Hands Tutorial"
  • A little routine: Do 5 cartwheels with both hands, then 5 left-handed cartwheels and then 10 cartwheels without hands off the springboard.