Full Body HIT Workout Routine

This bodybuilding routine is for those who want to give HIT a try, but don't plan to focus on a specific muscle group. You should finish each training session within 45 to 60 minutes. Rest 3 to 5 days after every workout. Use techniques like negative repetitions. partial repetitions, supersets etc in order to increase the intensity of your sets. Before you get started, learn what high intensity training (HIT) is. Basically you do one set in order to completely exhaust a muscle. A second set is not be necessary. However, you can do a couple of warm-up sets before the first exercise. Try to sort you your exercises in a way that one exercise is the warm-up for the next. For example: The barbell row warms up your biceps, so that you can keep going with barbell biceps curl. If you feel a muscle group is not warmed up enough, throw in one or two additional sets with little weight, but don't reach the point of muscle failure. Find more bodybuilding training methods and exercises at weight training main. Start with a 5 to 10 minute warm up.

HIT Workout Routine


  • Do more repetitions for big muscles and compound exercises.
    12 to 20 Reps - Barbell Squat
    12 Reps - Barbell Bench Press
    And less repetitions for smaller muscles.
    6 to 8 Reps - Barbell Biceps Curl or Triceps Extension.
  • Repetition speed:
    Down: 4 seconds
    Stop but don't rest: 1 second
    Up: 3 seconds
    Stop: 1 second
  • You can do 2 sets for the abdominals, the forearms and the calf muscles. I prefer do train my abs and my forearms on another day.
  • Work out with a training partner, so that you can do negative repetitions.
  • Stop immediately if you feel pain in a joint.
  • Rest 3 to 5 minutes between sets and exercises.
    When you start your next set, your pulse should be down to 120 - 130.
  • Do supersets or giantsets.